“Gravity”, “Ni no Kuni”, “Let” – Monthly App Market Report (May, June 2021)


App Ape monthly app reports give insight into changes in the app market and usage trend. This time, we will look at some significant changes in trend and app usage in the months of May and June based on data provided and estimated by App Ape. (data for iOS / Android combined)

App usage surging under the state of emergency

The total MAU of the top 500 apps in May 2021, which was declared a state of emergency mainly in metropolitan areas, decreased by 0.6% month-on-month and increased by 24.1% compared to previous year, when the very first state of emergency was declared in Japan.

Out of the top 500, usage of 36 apps increased by 10% or more from the previous month, and 190 apps saw a surge of more than 30% usage Y/Y.

Looking closely at the lineup of 36 apps, there were 5 apps from Food & Delivery categories, 2 of which were food delivery. This was followed by 4 shopping apps, 4 comic book apps, and 4 game apps.

“Gravity” Growing Rapidly

Among other apps, Gravity, a Social Network Service (SNS) where users can sympathise with each other and share their feelings and thoughts, recorded the largest percentage increase (250.8%) in users compared to the previous month.

As “Gravity” doesn’t disclose number of followers and thus eliminating the whole compare-yourself-with-others ideology, it’s known a s “friendly SNS”.

June: slight decrease M/M but 23% increase Y/Y

In June 2021 the state of emergency was lifted. This could be one of the reasons for a slight decline (2.7%) in top 500 apps usage compared to the month before. Nevertheless, as seen on the chart above, June recorded a year-on-year increase of 23.1%.

June also recorded the lowest MAU since the beginning of 2021 which may be due to seasonality factors. Of the 500 apps, 16 apps usage increased by 10% or more from the previous month, and 185 apps increased by 30% Y/Y.

“Spoon” grows 67.9% M/M, “Nino Kuni” ranks 24th on first appearance

The highest rate of usage increase, 67.9%, was seen in the audio distribution app “Spoon-Radio: Live audio distribution, Podcast”, registering a new record high for the app.

“Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds”, launched on June 11, was ranked 24th in the MAU ranking of the game category in June.

“Let”: breakthrough with new innovations in flea market apps

“Let”, formerly known as Time Bank, is a flea market app where you can buy B-class , nonstandard and outdated goods and products

The app’s number of users is on the rise thanks to the keywords of “reducing food loss and waste”. “Let”’s user base grew 3.4 times higher compared to June 2020.

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