Top 3 games: Trending vs Store Ranking in the US.


Top 3 Games in Trend Radar chart

These top 3 games on the trend radar chart are probably the result of the onset of pandemic, leading people to play these laid back and puzzle type games during the acquired free time due to quarantine.


Tetris is described as “one of the most popular puzzle games of all time with hundreds of millions of players worldwide.” The game’s simplicity and yet difficulty to master makes it as easy to learn as being addictive. This classic game stood the test of time and it is no wonder why people would choose to play it even today.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

“Attract cats with food and then watch them romp with your toys!”. Neko Atsume is a strange but simple game because “it’s not exactly a virtual pet simulator, and it’s not really a money-trap like so many other mobile games.” (PCMag). However, its charming and playful gameplay makes it most comparable to the Animal Crossing game.

Einstein’s Riddle Logic Puzzles

This is how Google Plays Store puts it:
“A logic puzzles game to challenge your brain. This logic puzzles game presents some logic problems that gives you several clues describing a scenario involving a number of people.” It is considered to be one of the best thinking games to exercise players’ brain in quarantine (SomagNews).

The above graph taken from App Ape shows that all three games have been growing in popularity since February, with Tetris overtaking the other two games in terms of monthly active users in May. That being said, the further growth rate of active users for these apps might vary depending up on how long the state and the federal government enacts strict lockdown rules.

Looking at demographics data, it is apparent that large majority of the active players are females. Such a big difference in the gender ratio is not surprising given that a survey conducted by Newzoo commissioned by Google Play with a sample size of 3,300 participants in the US has provided evidence that 64% of women preferred playing mobile games compared to just 38% of men (BusinessOfApps). And data from the above chart also supports this claim to certain extent.

Although male users are in the minority, users are spread more evenly across all groups, with female players ranging from 10- 30 years old in dominance.

Top 3 Games in Store Ranking chart (Google Play)

Top 3 games in store ranking during the week of publishing this article seem to be more persistent in their rankings than their counterparts in trending charts.

Coin Master

App Ape’s backtracking data in Android store rankings shows that Coin Master has been in the top position since February 3rd 2020 and continues to be reining there for the following reasons.

Firstly, February 2020 has been the best selling month for Coin Master as it topped its previous record earnings of $500 million in October 2019 (PocketGamer). Therefore, it is apparent that this game might have greatly benefited from quarantine.

Secondly, its simple mechanics and addictive properties of earning cash via slot machine to build a village and unlocking the next village, which in turn increases the value of your rewards, is making people go back to this game and play it over and over again.

Candy Crush Saga & Pokemon Go

Candy Crush Saga (PocketGamer) and Pokemon Go have been (IGN) some of the highest grossing mobile games of all time and they both have considerably large user base, so it’s no wonder that these apps are still competing in the top 3 positions.

The above monthly active users chart taken from App Ape tells a different story about which apps have more active users than download rate. Although Coin Master has been the top ranking game for several months now, Pokemon go still has more monthly active users (MAU) than candy crush saga or Coin Master.

This level of popularity is nothing new and it has to do with the hype Pokemon Go created around when the game was launched in 2016. It encouraged people to walk around while still playing the game on their smartphones, which later turned into an all-out global phenomenon with many countries following the suit for at least another year (Forbes).

Even here, the demographics data from App Ape match the above survey result as there are more female players on Candy Crush Saga, and Coin Master except for Pokemon go. Pokemon Go appears to be an anomaly in this case, as it has 56.1% male players compared to just 43.9% female players.

Coin Master and Candy Crush saga are mostly popular with older female players of 30-50 year olds whereas popularity of Pokemon go is highly concentrated towards younger males within the age group ranging from 10s-30s.

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