A quick look into the McDonald’s Mobile Order App usage trend rise in Japan


McDonald’s in Japan is already very popular, however the rise of its mobile order app usage that enables customers to place orders remotely is a new phenomenon.

There could be three factors into play for the App’s usage rise over the past few months namely, Consistency of McDonald’s’ food and service, Greater availability of restaurants, and benefits of using the app.


McDonald’s appears to be one of the most common foreign fast food chan restaurant in Japanese streets (LiveJapan). It offers affordable and alternative options to traditional Japanese ramen restaurants.

While most of the traditional restaurants cook food with varied tastes and consistency and how they are rated is mostly dependent on costumers’ tastes, McDonald’s has the know-how of bringing “perfect” consistency to taste regardless of its location. A quick search on McDonald’s in Tokyo in Google maps reveals that ratings are also quite consistent.



According to Investopedia, as of 2018 Japan has the highest number of McDonald’s after the US, with nearly 3000 stores.
This ease of access and brings greater brand recognition which leads to people tending to associate fast food with McDonald’s.

A survey conducted by NariNari news site, on 5708 Japanese men and women regarding their favorite Fast Food chain restaurant, returned a 68% response in favour of McDonald’s. The next most popular American chain restaurant was KFC chosen only by a third of that (approx. 28%). (Soranews24)

McDonalds Mobile Order App

The impact of greater availability and consistency can be seen through the latest app monthly usage trend on Google Play. According to App Ape, McDonald’s Mobile Order App has been trending over the past 4 months, reaching more than 300,000 monthly active users (MAU) in December 2019.

The app provides information on restaurant locations, timings and contact details, promotions, the ability to order from the nearest McDonald’s location, and plenty of coupons to attract large number of consumers.

App users can take advantage of coupons before placing an order at their nearest McDonald’s, therefore making it another major factor for such a rise in app usage trend.


The chain’s general app is also showing a steady and constant raise in terms of user base. The Android app currently has more than 20 million users with more than half of them active in December 2019.

Aside from these speculations, McDonald’s in Japan might just taste really good and Japanese people might enjoy it for a change from time to time. Regardless of the exact reason for the app popularity, the mobile order app is surely a great way to save a bit of money and satisfy cravings in a short period of time!

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