Happy Social Media Day: What apps are most popular around the world?


Happy #SocialMediaDay! even though every day is social media day…

That is right! June 30th celebrates international social media day! And on this occasion, we thought we’d have a look at the most popular social media apps in Japan, South Korea, USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, and India.

Here are the top 5 social media apps in the above-mentioned countries in terms of Monthly Active Users (MAU) in May.

Since there as so many apps out there, and it would take forever to have a close look at all of them, we have picked out one for this article! And that is … Yes! Instagram!!

Instagram’s number of users in those 7 countries seems to have not changed much over the past year except for India where it saw an estimated 20 million increase in number of active downloads.

You may also be interested in demographics data of Instagram. Here you go:

As seen above, the dominant users of all countries are females with the exception of India where the ratio is estimated at less than 11%.

User Loyalty Ratio indicator tells us how loyal users are towards a particular app. In other words, the figures show how frequent users engage with an app. Below displays Instagram data usage in 7 countries.

Brazil and Japan had the highest (49.3%) and lowest (28%) percentage of Heavy Users in May respectively. Also, Japan recorded the highest number of active users amongst other countries meaning Japanese users don’t use Facebook as often as users in the other 6 countries.

Once again, Happy Social Media Day! Enjoy “socializing” 🙂

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