Let’s celebrate Men’s Health Week with a look at favorite health apps of male US users !


International Men’s Health Week 2019 has started on 10th June and we were thinking that would be the perfect time for us to remind you the importance of wellness and health with this article about the most popular Android apps of the category “Health & Fitness” among male mobile users in the US !

Let’s take a look at the male MAU ranking of May 2019 thanks to the sex filter of App Ape dashboard :

Despite the fact that there are many different kind of “health” apps about nutrition, meditation, yoga or sleep, the first thing that jumped out at us when we looked at this ranking was that all these apps are activity trackers, except the Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal that helps people to follow their diet.

These apps let users keep track of their steps count and their calories burned, they can be linked to wearables and seem to be pretty popular among male android users. It’s interesting to see that Samsung Health is far above the competition with an estimate of more than 10 millions MAUs last month (more than twice than the runner-up Fitbit !), but the fact that this app is pre-installed on Galaxy phones probably helps 🙂

Also, this chart represents the ranking in terms of male MAUs in numbers. What if we look at it more closely to see the share of MAUs per app among the total number of users ?

We can see that Garmin Connect and Fitbit users are the most active with respective rates of 84.5% and 53.7% of MAUs, this can be explained by the fact that these apps have to be paired to Garmin/Fitbit compatible wearable devices in order to work, which represents an investment that implies a certain motivation to exercice.

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