Fuller Inc. was selected among the “TOP 10 APAC Data Analytics Consulting/Service Companies – 2019” of CIO Advisor !


We are pleased to announce that Fuller is part of the Top 10 APAC Data Analytics Consulting/Services Companies 2019 by a magazine named CIO advisor in its March edition. Its readers comprise CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, VCs and industry analysts, and Fuller was selected as one of the ten most proficient companies in the data analytics field.

Since the establishment of Fuller in 2011, we have been expanding our business and currently have 2 pillars of our business – App Ape, our flagship data analytics platform and mobile apps development services. Ape Ape, since its launch in 2013, has successfully been helping clients to conduct effective marketing researches and develop their marketing/product strategy by providing mobile usage data such as active users, installs, mutual apps, demographics and others.

“We are greatly honored to be selected as one of the Top 10 along with other influential companies in the Asia Pacific region, ” remarked Shuta Shibuya, Founder and CEO of Fuller, Inc. “We will continuously improve our product and our entire business to contribute in our customers’ success in their marketing activities inside and outside their countries,” added Shuta.

In the article, Fuller was introduced as below;
“To focus on customer engagements above everything else, Fuller continuously prioritizes maintains harmonious relationships with clients from technological, design, and data science perspectives. As a result, the company stands tall as a true enabler of data analytics that strengthens the application development processes for organizations worldwide.”

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Print version

Please check the following link to read the full article (online version) :
“Fuller: A Tailwind for Application developers” / CIO Advisor, March 26 – Data Analytics Special

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