US female users love arcade mobile games !


In this use case, we are going to overview Android usage and demographics data concerning mobile games, and most precisely the “arcade” category of gaming apps. Thanks to App Ape analytics service, we selected and analyzed the 3 games with the best MAU increase ratio during the last 3 months (also possible to see the evolution rate on the last 3 days, or 3 weeks) :

  • “Rise Up” is a challenging game where you have to protect your balloon with a kind of small circle while it’s rising up, and as you get higher and higher, different obstacles will prevent you from clearing your way.
  • “Sonic Dash” is an arcade game where you control Sonic, the famous hedgehog from Sega, in an endless running game with the aim to go as far as possible despite the obstacles.
  • “PAC-MAN”, a world famous arcade game where you have to guide the Pac-Man through the maze to eat all the dots while avoiding the ghosts (but I guess you already knew that, right ?).

These games have a common point, they had a huge increase of their monthly active users (MAU) during these past few months (the graphics below represents the MAU evolution of Rise Up).

More and more games on the AppStore have more female users, for some reasons it seems like arcade games attract a larger female audience. 
The interesting fact about these games, is that they are all mostly downloaded by female mobile users, but also that they play more actively than male users. When we take a look at the active users rate of Sonic Dash, the difference is huge !

If we take a look at the HAU, we can notice several pikes, especially around10 am, 3PM, 5PM and 7PM, which probably corresponds to their breaks at their work or school. These games don’t require more than few minutes, so users play them when they have few minutes to relax.

Concerning the mutual apps possession, we can notice that the lists contains only games, and that most of them have a similar particularity : they were made to be played quickly, in few minutes.

It is not very surprising to observe that most of users who own these apps are inactive or light users, they play those games from time to time, and switch to other games when they feel like it.

The average daily activation count for these apps is often between 2 and 5 times, which is the normal rate for a casual game. If we compare with a game like Pokemon Go, in which users have to play regularly to be able to progress in the game, the daily activation count is much higher.

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