The mobile apps analytics service “App Ape” is now available worldwide !


Fuller, Inc. (Head office: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, CEO : Shuta Shibuya, COO : Hiroki Sakurai, hereinafter “Fuller”), currently overseeing the mobile apps analytics service App Ape is now launching its own subscription service.

Any user can immediately access mobile data from Japan, South Korea and USA covering both iOS/Android store information, mobile apps usage, usage based ranking and so on through subscribing to App Ape.

App Ape provides a large amount of data for an affordable price, starting from 99$/month, for everyone in needs of mobile apps usage data, either corporate or individuals !

The registration to this new plan can be done via the following link :

An analytics service closer to people involved in the mobile apps business

App Ape is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that processes mobile apps big data to display them in
dashboard (management screen), such as the number of active users per day/week/month, the usage rate by gender and age group or the application ranking.

App Ape has been proposing plans based on accounts with multiple users for businesses and teams that are involved in the planning, development and marketing of the mobile apps application field.

The acceleration of innovation in every aspect of our lives and businesses creates a rapidly rising need for big data concerning the mobile apps usage. In addition, we have already entered an era where planning, development and marketing of mobile apps are accessible to small teams and even individuals.

Fuller supports all companies and developers involved in the apps business and believes that it can always provide valuable data that will help everyone’s business in the most optimal form.
For all these reasons, Fuller has prepared a new plan that businesses and individuals all around the world can use by simply subscribing online.

Effortlessly start with a single user for the country iOS/Android data you need

Please find below the characteristics of this new plan :

  • Find essential usage information (32 indicators)* for data analysis such as number of daily/weekly/monthly user or gender/age ratio
  • Get a daily trend thanks to active users rankings, trend rankings or store rankings
  • Subscribe by credit card for an immediate availability of data for the chosen country among Japan/South Korea/USA (Additional countries will be added)

*Usage information : Daily installs, user possession, hourly/daily/monthly/weekly active users, demographics (age/gender), usage frequency, rate of activity, daily activation count, mutual apps possession, etc.

App Ape’s dashboard also supports mobile to let you consult data from anywhere, anytime.
We will continue to improve our service thanks to feedback and requests from our users, and make use of the data we process to develop new services. Fuller will continue to strongly support the evolution and development of the mobile application business in the future.

About App Ape

App Ape is a mobile app analytics platform where app publishers can access their users market data and key metrics. App Ape has focused on specializing in Japan, South Korea and US markets, and provides high value in usage data such as user demographics and the number of active users in a certain period of time besides store and sales stats. The analytics has supported more than 4,500 companies including the world’s leading tech companies such as King, Supercell, Spotify, and LINE in addition to most of the Japanese mobile apps or IT related large companies including Docomo, KDDI, Rakuten, Ebay, Recruit, and more.

App Ape:

Company Profile

About Fuller, Inc. : Fuller is a Japanese tech company founded in 2011 by the appointee of Forbes’s 30 Under 30 Asia 2016 Shuta Shibuya, specializing in mobile app service and technology. Fuller’s main leading service is “App Ape”, an Asian market focused mobile app analytics platform. Fuller has built a partnership with the mobile data intelligence company based in San Francisco, “Mobile Action”.

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