Many heavy teenage users play Clash Royale !


For this use case, we picked the popular mobile game “Clash Royale”. Actually, we got a lot of requests from our visitors about this game to know more about its users data. There is a high interest from many people in the industry.

What is Clash Royale ?

The concept is very simple. Players have to destroy opponents’ castles by using their eight characters on hand (cards). 3 minutes per battle, 1vs1 fights, with players from all over the world. Each victory gets you a treasure box and some items to upgrade your characters. As the level rises, the range of strategies expands.

Data analysis of the app

The mobile analytics platform App Ape detected that MAU (monthly active users) doubled in 1 year, between July 2016 and July 2017 !

The peak of July 2017 thanks to the “cooperation battle” mode

In July 2017, which was the MAU peak, a new game mode called “cooperation battle” was implemented into the app. Until then, it was just implemented for limited-time events, to enjoy 2 vs 2 battles, but since July 2017, this feature has totally been part of the game. Moreover, an event has been held every week end and a web movie got released.

There is a “cooperation battle” mode that even beginners can now enjoy anytime, it can be played either with other players of the same level chosen randomly, or played with real friends through SNS (social network service). It’s an important element contributing to the popularity of the game.

Concerning the gender ratio, there is an overwhelming majority of male users and we can also notice that this game is particularly popular among teenagers. It’s also the perfect app for students to have fun with their friends.

Heavy players support the game

In this survey, users are segmented into four categories according to the monthly usage of the application.

You can see that nearly 40% of users play with high frequency. Teens particularly enjoy playing after going home, enjoying themselves while meeting up friends.

Peak usage during school hours and around 7 PM

The green data represents the average active rate for all days except Sundays, and the yellow data represents average active rate for Sundays.

The average active rate of weekdays is the highest at around 7 AM. Since this time zone does not show such a high rate on Sunday, we can see that the number of users who play while commuting to work or school increase. Sunday will have a peak time at around 7 PM.
Also, regardless of the day of the week, the activity rate will be relatively high from 6 PM until around 10 PM.

The singularity of Japan

Although there is no direct relation with the MAU data, we can notice that there are different ways to acquire users according to the countries.

Please find below a comparison of Google Play app introduction pictures between Japan and USA.

The US version is a simple picture using the application screen as it is, but the Japanese version contains illustrations of characters of the game, and is arranged to attract a young audience.


We can notice thanks to the data that there are many male users in their 10s and 20s and that more than one out of three user is a heavy user who plays almost every day.
Many of the users are playing on weekdays while commuting to school, and we also found out that the active rate remained high until around 10 PM regardless the day of the week.

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