App Ape Award 2016 (1)


The “App Ape Award” is a ceremony organised to celebrate and fete
developers of the most popular applications in 2016. The applications are
majorly mobile based which comprise general applications and gaming
applications. The winning app is basically determined by a popular vote,
meaning the app that garners the most votes by the lapse of the deadline
will be declared the winner. Other than the above mentioned apps, we will
also introduce nominated apps under various categories including
entertainment, videos, and music with a view of letting the public know which
ones had the most downloads during the same year. Among the most
notable apps that received massive popularity in terms of new subscription
are Abema TV and Round 1.

Spotlight 1: Abema TV

Abema TV, an internet television station which premiered in April 2016
quickly recorded ten million downloads in a span of six and a half months.

Keiko Murakami NHK Broadcasting Institute first tabled the statistics detailing the impressive popularity enjoyed by Abema TV at an event called CEATEC
held in Japan 2016, figures that were gotten with the aid of data from App


  • Source: CEATEC JAPAN 2016 – Keiko Murakami from NHK Broadcasting Institute [Advancement of Broadcasting Services and “Future TV”]

As a pioneer in videos being watched on mobile phones, it has certainly
prolonged the viewing times by subscribers. These impressive numbers can
only be attributed to solving the broadcast and distribution rights issue
that have for a long time hindered the growth of internet television. Other
developed jurisdictions have permitted the practice through the use of cable TV.

Spotlight 2: Round 1

This application has so far achieved four million downloads since inception.
Through its issuance of vouchers detailing discounts on various items and
activities such as bowling, gamers can now enjoy their weekly throw all you
can 200 yen discount on the playing dens.

In a span of a year, its user base has increased almost two-fold.


  • Data Source: App Ape Analytics (based on 30,000 android devices/Active numbers were estimated by App Ape).
    Possession number: The number of users who have the app installed at a specific moment in time. This is
    different from the installs number as the installs number indicates the total installs since the app launch.

Bowling enthusiasts can now book their favourite bowling lanes with the use
of the app at the comfort of their seats and also save the scores on the app.

What is App Ape?

App Ape is a creation of Fuller, Inc. The statistics offered on this platform
is diverse and conclusive at the same time. Through the tool one can tell the
number of downloads made, the user frequency through monthly, weekly,
daily, and hourly span, the demographics of the application’s user and also
the gender of the user. These parameters of data collection provide for a
suitable and comprehensive report for popularity survey. Try it today.