TOP 10 Games Owned by Pokémon Trainers


The surge of Pokemon GO was simply huge in Japan (and anywhere else in the world) since its launch July. Pokemon GO had already exceeded the number of monthly active users of Twitter by its second day.

The Concurrents App Ranking TOP 10

This time, we investigate which games are played most with Pokemon GO. Here we go.
We have made a ranking of Pokemon GO’s concurrent gaming apps. A quick explanation of the table below: 67.2 % of the 3rd highest ranked app’s, Ingress’, users also own Pokemon GO. This refers to a ranking in the PlayStore (Link to the PlayStore page): #1 Hitoribocchi Wakusei, #2 Shadowverse, #3 Ingress, #4 Hitotagayashi, #5 Digimon Links, #6 Pokemon Co-Master, #7 Dragonquest Wherever Monster Parade, #8 Genjyumonogatari 2, #9 Hearthstone, and #10 Me and the Dragon.


  • Source:App Ape Analytics – we estimated Android users’ activities based on the data of 30,000 Android devices.
  • Concurrent apps analysis: You can find out which other apps your/competitors’ users own and investigate the apps’ users further.

The Trending Apps Ranked

The first ranked app, Hitoribocchi no Wakusei, became famous through Twitter. Both the first and second highest ranked apps just launched in June of 2016.
We assume that many of those who follow the latest and trendiest apps play Pokemon GO. They might play those other games when they are just not able to go outside and play Pokemon GO since those games do not require you to move your GPS position to play.Related Apps Like Ingress and Pokemon Co-Master
Like Pokemon GO, Ingress was developed by Niantic. One of the reasons for the surge of Ingress is that some player found rare Pokemon using Ingress, which is also an augmented reality game and has players walk around the city. Also, a Pokemon related app, Pokemon Co-Master, is ranked here.
Interestingly enough, many monster-related apps, like #5 Digimon Links, #7 Dragonquest Wherever Monster Parade, #8 Genjyumonogatari 2 and #10 Me and the Dragon, are also owned by Pokemon GO users, suggesting that these players have an affinity for the game’s topic rather than its concept


As discussed above, Pokemon GO players seem to have three characteristics that: 1) they like the latest games, 2) they like Pokemon or Niantic-related games and 3) they like monster-related games.
This research was conducted based on data found with App Ape Analytics. App Ape Analytics can provide you with previously hidden facts about the Japanese and Korean markets. If you are interested in using the analytics tool by yourself, contact us by clicking the link to our website (or by sending us a message at

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