Latest Update on Gaming Apps in Germany: Among Us skyrockets to the top of usage ranking chart


There are not many people left who have not heard the name “Among Us”!

Among Us has become the latest sensation of mobile gaming industry, gaining substantial amount of downloads and users around the world. We have already talked about how the game has conquered charts in the US and South Korea, and thought it would only be fair if we wrote an article about the app in one of the European countries that we cover as well. So here is how Among Us and other gaming apps have been doing in Germany.

Let’s start with our Usage Ranking charts. As seen below, Among Us jumped 149 places up in our MAU usage ranking in September and topped the chart in October 2020, overtaking Brawl Starts which had been number 1 game in terms of monthly active users for a long time.

Now, let’s compare the monthly active users (MAU) of top 5 games on Android devices in Germany.

You know what they say…A picture is worth a thousands words! Just look how steep that line is and how quickly it has skyrocketed to levels not seen by the likes of Clash of Clans or Pokémon GO. In case you are wondering, over the past three months, Android version of Among Us in Germany has gained a whopping increase of over 4500% in MAUs.

But MAU is not the only metric, or KPI if you will, that Among Us excels at. As shown below, it has the least amount of inactive users (the gray bar) amongst any other top 5 gaming apps.

That indicates that most of Among Us users are active and use the app on regular basis, which brings us to the next metric we have extracted the data for from App Ape dashboard, Monthly Engagement Rate:

Monthly Engagement Rate (calculated as percentage of MAU/Number of Downloads) is one of the main KPIs and a good indicator of how successful an app has been in retaining users and keeping them engaged with the app. As displayed below, this indictor stands at 89.4% as of October 2020 in Germany, the highest engagement rate that I personally have seen in any category of mobile applications. On the contrary, the other four apps have been hovering around more or less the same levels for the past two years.

Well, Among Us seems to be on route to conquering the world, at least that is what the data tell us. Could it be the the TikTok gaming category? We just have to wait and see.

Oh by the way…we have a bonus metric for you guys – The monthly average Hourly Active Users (HAU) which gives insight into the trend of users active on average at certain hours during a given month.

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