Grab and Gojek Merger: What their apps’ usage data tell us


Grab and Gojek have been Southeast Asian rivals in so many different areas from ride-hailing, food delivery to e-payments for quite a while now. A quick google search would reveal that the two firms have apparently been in talks of a merger, which if happened would be, probably one of the most remarkable merges of all time in Southeast Asia, given the size of the two companies and the scale on which they operate.

According to The Japan Times, while Gojek wishes the deal to be applied to the whole region (South Asia), Grab is looking for a narrower merger and combination, arguing that it would have more control over business operations.

But what do their apps’ data tell us in Indonesia, the largest county in Southeast Asia? Lets’ have a look!

As usual, we are going to start with a comparison of the two apps user downloads.

As shown above, as of October 2020, Gojek has recorded more downloads on Android devices than Grab (almost by 12.5%). But that was not the case. It wasn’t until Feb 2019 when Gojek did manage to overtake Grab in that important KPI. That being said, Gojek has been successful in maintaining a fairly good margin in terms of Monthly Active Users over the past two yeas.

Amongst many indicators that App Ape provides is the usage frequency of an app’s users. These frequencies are divided into:

  1. Inactive User: never used the app in a given month
  2. Light User: used the app less than third of a given month
  3. Middle User: used the app more than third but less than 2/3 of a given month
  4. Heavy User: use the app more than 2/3 of a given month

Looking at Gojek and Grab’s Android data, one can conclude that Gojek has way fewer but a tad more inactive and heavy users respectively:

All metrics and indicators point to Gojek being more popular than its counterpart, Grab, in Indonesia. But how such data play a role, if any, in a merger deal, is anybody’s guess…

As a bonus, we have included the demographics data for both apps. Enjoy 🙂

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