Stratospheric rise of Among Us in South Korea


Among Us might be the the single most popular game of all time in South Korea to reach this level of popularity in just under a month. In fact, it is now a worldwide phenomenon. It turned out to be so popular that even Redditors were caught by surprise after waking up to seeing their memes feed flooded by the game character. And its community is now one of the fastest growing gaming communities on Reddit.


Innersloth LLC, the developer behind this game launched it in June 2018, but it is only now that this game has gathered millions of new followers during the past one month.In a tweet, one of the game artists pointed out that the game was initially popularized by Korean and Brazilian streamers Twitter.

But the reason for sudden uptick in the rise of user base for this game on all platforms was partly attributed to Twitch streamers. According to The Verge, Among Us has topped the Twitch charts in August. The game has also gained hundreds of hours viewership which can be translated to 11th place on the most popular categories on Twitch, just below Minecraft.

Immediately two things stand out while looking at the MAU and possession graph in South Korea. Firstly, the graph data taken from App Ape, shows the true magnitude of user base growth.

Moreover, activity rate for this game in terms of month to possession ratio is a staggering 93%. Which meant that almost all users who had installed this game on their phones have been playing it religiously.

Secondly, the trend chart shows that this game is an anomaly. It is extremely rare to such kind of MAU growth percent in South Korea. Every other app below Among Us on this trend chart has MAU percentages that is one order magnitude below.

Even demographics chart for this game shows that, everyone seems to be enjoying while playing this game. And majority of them fall into the light user category.

The reason for such popularity is because of its simple gameplay concept. The game allows up to 10 players to be connected via LAN and Play online or over local WiFi. In which the player attempts to prep the spaceship for departure, but they need to be aware as one of them will be an impostor trying to kill everyone on board.

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