Trending Business Communication Apps in the USA


Although popular business communication tool such as Slack has been overwhelmingly successful in occupying majority of the market share in BC (business communication) apps (BusinessNewsDaily), the fact remains that it may not be able to keep up with the emerging competition to satisfy every kind of business.

When it comes to remote working, choosing the right communication tool is the key for setting strong foundations for effective communication strategies from small size to large size businesses.

Recently, many applications that are functionally similar to Slack have picked up significantly in the number of Daily Active Users during the month of August, 2020. The below trending chart taken from the App Ape shows that top 3 business apps of the day in the USA were business communication apps.

Comparing Slack to the top 3 DAU trending apps from the below comparison chart of possession ranking indicates that another BC app such as Microsoft Teams is on track to surpass Slack in terms of user possession on Android.

Apps such as Dayforce can help organize various companies’ working conditions by carrying out effective communication in a specific division of that company. According to BusinessWire, Moto Hospitality, a British service station operator chose Dayforce specifically to transform their HR functions.

They mentioned that “the deployment of Dayforce will enable Moto Hospitality to update and reinvigorate its systems and processes, offering employees and managers a real-time solution that’s available anytime, anywhere, creating a fully centralized view of the company and its workforce.” BusinessWire

Dayforce was trending in the number one position in the trending charts in business category with +300% increase in the daily active users.

Strengths of these trending BC apps are uniquely positioned mostly due of their specialized set of features which are equally capable and even more versatile than Slack which assists in catering businesses with specific working conditions.

According to Worksighted, Microsoft Teams has few advantages over Slack. Things like Easy-to-Use, integration of Skype for business, easy access to office productivity apps, and constantly evolving with new features added to the app regularly, make Microsoft Teams the go-to-BC app for companies that depend heavily on Microsoft Office apps. DAU data retrieved from App Ape shows that Microsoft Teams picked up steam in the past few days with %300+ increase to its user base.

Amazon Chime on the other hand is described to be as one of the most affordable options with excellent security features embedded into it. Its premium feature enables users to schedule and host meetings up-to 250 people. The Amazon Chime App is available on desktops, mobile phones, and even web based application for ease of use (TrendRadar).

Amazon Chime App was trending in the third position in terms of DAU with +200% increase in its user base.

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