July’s Top Five Trending Apps in the US


Puzzle Games

Three out of top five apps in the trend radar in all categories during the month of July were puzzle games with almost 300-400% increase in each of its monthly active users, whereas the remaining two apps were related to education and books & reference categories.

Easy Game – Brain Test & Tricky Mind Puzzle game’s description suggests that this puzzle game can be fun and challenging as well as equally addicting to one’s brain. The claim certainly appears to be true when looking at the graph pulled from the App Ape. As most of its monthly active users have been hooked onto this app to the point where MAU has increased +400% in just few months.

Tile Master – Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game is similar to Candy Crush Saga except it hosts various themes to play with and it also possess traditional tile matching puzzle mechanisms and gameplay style. It is currently ranking in the number one spot in the free category of top charts on google Play Store. The app has also seen sharp rise in its MAU at +400% in the recent months

Ball Sort Puzzle appears to be a hybrid between Tetris and its own thing. The game basically the player to sort the colored balls in the tubes until all balls with the same color stay in the same tube. This game also managed to gain +300% monthly active users since April.

One interesting point to note from observing above graphs is that all three apps picked up in growth significantly at the same time in April 2020.

Demographics of these games clearly show female majority on all three apps with 77% on average in terms of possession ratio and active usage ratio and the rest being male users.

Remaining apps

Samsung Global Goals is an app specifically created to help end global issues such as poverty and hunger, reduce inequalities, tackle climate change. The app description mentioned that it has 17 Global Goals, also called the Sustainable Development Goals, which were built on decades of work by the UN and adopted by all 193 host countries.

Given that Samsung is a recognizable brand in the USA and The United States has been the number one country on the World Giving Index report for the last ten years with a score of 58%. (WorldPopulationReview), it doesn’t come as a surprise that such an app was trending in the top 5 spots. The below graph shows that the app has gained +400% monthly active users in the past three months.

D&D Beyond stands for Dungeons and Dragons Beyond. D&D Beyond (DDB) is the official digital toolset and game companion for Dungeons & Dragons RPG fifth edition. Coronavirus induced social distancing gave digital resources such as this app a boost to its active users (SYFY). According to the graph from App Ape, the monthly active users have increased +300% in the recent months.

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