Quick look at trending health and fitness apps in the USA – June, 2020


Correlation to pandemic and MAU

According to the monthly active user data acquired from App Ape’s trend chart, some of the trending health and fitness apps in the U.S have gained traction ever so suspiciously all at the same time during the month of March, 2020. This event potentially indicates that there is a strong correlation between COVID-19 and the app’s sharp increase in its MAU. Some of these apps have seen a surge of up to 400% in MAUs over the recent months.

Researchers from the discipline of physiotherapy at Trinity College Dublin conducted a survey in Ireland in which it was revealed that more people across the country were engaging in online workouts more frequently during the COVID-19 pandemic than usual.

Such a finding could also be replicated in the U.S as well, as the data shows that more people are utilizing these health and fitness apps more often as they have more time to engage in other activities including online workouts from the comfort of their home.

Another compelling reason to understand the correlation between ongoing pandemic and sharp increase in MAU in the U.S is that, given that gyms along with many other public spaces were closed for a good chunk of the first half of 2020 in the U.S (WashingtonPost), people are quitting renewing their gym memberships and starting to use alternatives such as health and fitness apps that would assist them with their daily workouts (CNBC).

Diversity Of Apps

Looking at these chart topping apps from the trend chart taken from App Ape provides clues on which kinds of exercises and body composition guidance apps are rising in popularity. From Distance tracker running app to app that tracks the user body composition, each one of these apps seems to tackle different areas of health and fitness category.

Running Distance Tracker+’s store info provides a quick look at what this app is capable of. For instance, the description mentioned that “Running Tracker+ tracks your distance, pace, calories and more. Its the most accurate running distance / time tracker available on the market, packed into the simplest & most gorgeous interface.” (App Ape)

Similarly, according to the store info of Beachbody On Demand, the app description mentioned that it provides world class workout methods and simple nutrition guidance for anyone. (AppApe).

Splits in 30 Days is better suited for beginners. As the app’s description mentioned that, “Splits Training is designed for all levels to get full splits step by step, even if you are a beginner. The mixing of static and dynamic splits helps you improve flexibility effectively and achieve results faster than you think. With about 10 min a day, you’ll get closer and closer to the floor!” (AppApe).

Finally, FITINDEX is a body composition tracker. According to the the app’s description, “it can track your body compositions (BMI, body fat percentage , body water , bone mass , the rate of basal metabolism body age , muscle mass and so on),and cloud -based intelligent data analysis and tracking , providing the perfect healthy body composition analysis charts and reports。 At the same time the full support of the family used together , allowing you to understand the health status of the family anywhere.” (AppApe).


Demographic data for these apps have an interesting commonality. Three out of these four apps have majority of female users in the possession ratio chart.

And all four apps are dominated by female users in the active user ratio chart.

Moreover, looking at the age group of possession ratio provides a complete picture about which age group for both male and female users are more active on having these apps in their smart phones. Male users in their 20s are the dominant age group whereas female users are spread across various age groups.

There’s also been a clear increase in the number of heavy users for these apps. One thing becomes abundantly clear when comparing chart 1 with chart 2. The chart 1 is devoid of medium and heavy users for most of the apps in the month of February of 2020.


However, the number of medium and heavy users appeared on all four apps after fast forwarding to the month of June.


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