Why Nintendo Switch Online Mobile App is gaining popularity?


Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) on android in the USA has been on the rise steadily with reaching the top spot in the entertainment category in the recent months. The launch of Animal Crossing : New Horizons on the Switch might have had a large impact on the mobile app’s popularity.

It even revitalized the app’s reusability, leading to a huge increase in not only just app’s position in Trend Radar on android, but also in monthly active users and average daily activation count mostly coming from a younger generation.

The above chart taken from App Ape shows +700% increase in growth rate of monthly active users (MAU) since February, 2020. Although Animal Crossing was launched in January 20, 2020, the mobile app itself has seen some increasingly large number of users in the following days and months.

Those active users have also been increasingly using the Nintendo Switch mobile app on daily basis as time went on. On average, the daily activation count has increased from just once to as high as 11 times on average per day.

Aside from the phenomenon that Animal Crossing was, other factors for such an increase in active users and activation count might be attributed to Nintendo’s (NSO) subscription on its switch console and its extensive involvement in improving its mobile app (Ninetendojo).

It has been actively pushing several updates to its mobile app to improve its functionality to facilitate VOIP (voice chat) in games such as Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing. And, the app also functions as a portal for players to view their in-game stats.

According to a recent survey conducted by Nintendo in the US, revealed that nearly 66% of Nintendo switch buyers were male in the early 20’s and early 30’s. So, if this survey is any indication of who is more likely to also use NSO mobile app, the demographics chart from App Ape may hold the answer.

As it shows, NSO app users are highly concentrated within the age group of 20s (male and female) users but, overall, male users accounted for 61.3% while female users made up only 38.7% of app’s user base.

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