Trending Food Delivery Apps in the USA


Although popular food delivery app services such as Uber Eats still holds a huge chunk of stable active user base, other lesser known food delivery apps seem to have risen in popularity quietly in the untimely backdrop of global pandemic. Ever since the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, these apps have snatched the opportunity to patch up several logistical challenges raised in the hospitality industry in the USA.

Moreover, the closure of local restaurants and tight regulation of convenience stores nationwide has accelerated the significance of these app’s existence to cater towards specific challenges. Each of these following apps that are discussed below excels in some way or another.


Slice, also previously known as MyPizza, is unique in its own right for few good reasons. Firstly, with the help of Slice’s mobile app, users can order customized pizzas and have it delivered from their local, independent pizzeria (TechCrunch).

Secondly, it charges relatively lower fees to these local pizzerias when compared to other food delivery apps. “Slice’s fee is capped at $2.25 per order, allowing pizzerias to get all the upside from large orders”(TechCrunch). Finally, according to the app description in Google Play, Slice has partnered up with nearly 12,000 family-owned independent pizzerias in the USA, giving them a chance to save their businesses during such vulnerable times.

The apps’ user base in terms of MAU has increased significantly in the recent months. The above graph data taken from App Ape shows that monthly active users in the past 3 consecutive months have increased upwards of 350%. Slice app helps local pizza stores to sustain, even when they are unable to operate to their full potential.

Slice took the top position in App Ape Trend Radar’s food & Drink category. Among other things, having partnered with massive range of local stores across the country may be the reason why this app is now gaining such a huge increase in popularity.

Panda Express

Considering that Chinese fast food is synonymous with take out food in USA (Eater), Panda Express has uniquely positioned itself to boost its advantage over other chain restaurants. Most Americans are very well aware of Chinese fast food, and Panda Express’ best seller Orange Chicken marketing campaign in their website as well as in the app, seemed to have attracted large number of customer base. Especially, those who were stuck at home due to the lockdown and those who were craving for some spicy chicken (PandaExpress).

According to App Ape, Panda Express app has been gaining large number of monthly active users since February, 2020. Although the time of such growth in monthly active users has coincided with people just realizing the true scale of the outbreak, its large presence of physical stores in many major cities across the country with well over 2200 locations might have also played a significant role in the growth of app’s user base.

Eat Street

Eat Street is not just another food delivery app that’s been gaining popularity lately. This app is focusing on facilitating inexpensive delivery options for local convenient stores such as Kwik Trip in Wisconsin. Eat Street is allowing Kwik Trip to operate remotely while having waived delivery fees with no order minimum for the store customers who are affected by the coronavirus. According to Fox6Now, “EatStreet launched to help people get the essential items they need as Wisconsin communities work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Looking at the above graph, it is evident that the app’s MAU has been rapidly increasing. On the food delivery side of things, the Google Play app description has mentioned that whenever a user orders from EatStreet they are rewarded with exclusive coupons, and restaurant special deals. On top of that, the app’s convenience of providing variety of payment methods, ordering food in advance, having group orders, and even the wide selection of restaurants is proving to be beneficial for many of its users. And this may explain its sharp rise in the app’s user base.

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