Which Dating Apps are reigning in the USA?


Popular Dating apps on Android in January 2020

Everyone has either used Tinder or heard of it because of how long it held the dating app crown around the world. It even became synonymous with dating apps The Atlantic.This article will focus on the next most popular dating apps that are on track to overtake Tinder.

The chart below shows top 5 apps in Android dating category in USA as of January 2020. (note that Tinder is categorized as a Lifestyle app). Hinge and OkCupid takes the crown for being in the first and second position in both active downloads and active users category while the remaining apps are positioned according to their respective numbers.

The delta between active downloads and active users among Hinge and OkCupid is quite narrow which would indicate that most of the users who have downloaded these apps are also using them consistently. But what makes Hinge top the charts?

Hinge is the new Tinder!

According to Yahoo Finance, Hinge is currently live in US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. And According to monthly active users data from App Ape, Hinge is on track with having fastest growing users in USA. It grew to nearly a million users in January 2020 from only hovering around +100K users at the beginning of 2019.

Demographics are key indicators for successful dating apps use cases. In the case of Hinge, demographics appear to be 64% male to 36% female users in terms of possession. This could likely be one of the key points for Hinge’s higher user base growth rate. Such kind of gender division meant that more people using Hinge might have higher chances of instantly matching with a partner they liked than they might have on other dating apps with a different ratio.

2:1 ratio in Hinge might seem unimpressive at first, but the full picture emerges when this ratio is compared to OkCupid and Tinder. The below chart taken from App Ape shows that both OkCupid and Tinder have higher unequal distribution of gender ratio than that of Hinge.

OkCupid dethroned by Hinge

The below monthly active users (MAU) line chart shows that OkCupid was dethroned by Hinge very recently. There is also a sudden dip in OkCupid’s monthly active users which is caused by its own hands. According to Marketwatch, a recent update to its app has made users to use their real names in order to use the app.

In response, some users have critiqued the new policy as a violation of privacy as they felt that this update might have made it easier for anyone to target them off of the dating platform and have quitted OkCupid in search of other secure dating platforms.

As mentioned earlier, even though Tinder is still far ahead of Hinge in terms of user base, Hinge could likely be the one to overtake Tinder, assuming that its current rate of growth will continue for a certain amount of time throughout this year.

Another likely key reason for Hinge’s dominance in this category is due to its emphasis on protecting privacy and data security related issues. A study conducted by Ghostery and published by Vox revealed that prominent datings sites including Tinder and OkCupid have trackers from Facebook and Google on these websites. Trackers can reveal data about a user and can be used extensively for target advertising.

As seen from the above example of OkCupid, people are wary about their private data being online and are willing to search for a secure platform. To mitigate this issue, Hinge CEO suggested that their highest priority is to take data related security and privacy seriously and curb potential data breaches of its users’ data (Yahoo Finance). This initiative might have attracted more users to Hinge knowing that their data is at least being protected to a certain level.

While there is no website nor an app that is fully immune to hacking and/or target advertising, it is a trade off that dating app users must be willing to take while giving access to more cookies on (websites) in order to get more chocolates this valentine’s day.

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