World Emoji Day: Bitmoji ranking “5th” in Entertainment Category


Yes! You have heard right…World Emoji Day! Who would have thought, right? But again, I guess anything is possible in today’s world.

Don’t tell me you don’t use Emojis! because App Ape has it that Bitmoji, a personal emoji applicatin, has over 15 million Android user in US alone, out of which around 4 million were active in the month of June. The graph below shows the changes in app number of possessions and Monthly Active Users (MAU) over the past year.

It may also be interesting to mention that Bimoji stood 5th in monthly active user rankings of Android Entertainment category in July.

By the way, weeklly, daily, and even hourly usage data are available on App Ape.

Now let’s look at the app’s trend in India, Germany, and Brazil.

Both Germany and Brazil have had fewer than 1 million active users over the past year whereas India has been able to hold an active user base of above a million.

App Ape‘s Compare App tool allows gaining insights into 6 different apps (of any of 7 countries) at the same time. We have used such function to produce the following demographics data.

According to App Ape data, India has the highest percentage of male users as opposed to other countries where women are the dominant users.

Age ratio data reveals that female users in their 20s made up majority of Bitmoji users in all countries. The app in the US had a large user base of women of 40-year old of age and above in July, standing at around 18%.

Men in their 20s made up over 60% of India’s male user ratio where this amount for other age groups of other countries was less than 10% (except for Germany).

This report includes only a small portion of app usage data that App Ape provides. To keep up-to-date with the latest app trends and to stay ahead of the competition, visit App Ape.

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Top image source: MEME