National Selfie Day: Insights into popular selfie apps usage data


Happy #NationalSelfieDay!

What world has it become! Who would have thought that we actually would be celebrating National Selfie Day! Thanks to social media, June 21st recognizes National Selfie Day in the US. On that occasion, we have decided to write an article on how camera apps mostly used for selfies are doing on Google Play and App Store in the US.

When someone says selfie, what comes to mind is probably Snapchat or Instagram which are mainly used for social networking purposes. But there are apps that are exclusively develop for selfie lovers. Let’s look at some of them.

The tables below show the top 5 popular iOS and Android apps used to take selfies in terms of monthly active users in the US.

Well…as you may have expected, Instagram and Snapchat seem to be the most popular ones! But Instagram is used for many different purposes as well. Snapchat, the king of “snaps”, does not need any introduction. The app is so famous and popular that even celebrities use it to share their stories with their fans.

Putting the “big players” aside, SNOW could arguably be defined as an app “exclusively for selfies”! The Korea-born selfie application offers around 50 photographic filters, mostly beauty effects, and over 1500 sticker which is probably the reason it has been well-received amongst females. B612, an app developed by the same SNOW mentioned above, in addition to filters and stickers, offers augmented reality emojis and a “custom music video” feature. SODA is also developed by SNOW!

BeautyPlus developed by Meitu, a Hong Kong-based company, not only offers sticker and filters but also includes a retouch feature.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into these apps with a look at their monthly active users.

Probably the first thing one would think of when looking at the graph above is that there has been no remarkable changes in number of MAUs over the past year. The next thing would be how small the user base of Korean selfie apps are compared to Snapchat and Instagram which had over 20 and 40 million active users in May respectively (Android).

So now, who are the main users of these apps? And how old are they? The answer is right below.

Looking at “selfie apps”, the dominant users of SNOW, B612, and BeautyPlus seem to be females in their 20s while App Ape data indicate that SODA is more popular with girls in their 10s.

Once again, Happy National Selfie Day. Do take some creatives 🙂 We know we will!

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