Changes to Germany Game Category in May: Supercell apps thrown out of Top 3 Chart


Two Android mobile apps called “Homescapes” and “Gardenscapes” developed by Playrix, a game developer company founded in Russia with headquarters in Dublin, beat Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Clash Royal to secure 2nd and 3rd places respectively in May active user ranking chart in Germany. The Android and iOS versions of the apps gained approximately 400,000 users in May. On other hand, Supercell’s apps lost a total of around 170,000 users.

The other interesting thing to note about May’s ranking chart is that Playrix game apps not only beat Supercell’s, but also took over almost all other apps in top 10 chart. “Homescapes” and “Gardenscapes” jumped 4 and 5 ranks up respectively, beating Candy Crush and another Supercell’s app named Brawl Star.

The graph below shows the active user trends of Android games apps over the past several months in Germany.

It is equally important to mention Brawl Star, the app which in December 2018 (when it was released) gained an estimated 800,000 users, and a month later it was ranked 2nd most used app in Germany game category, just below Pokémon GO with a difference of only around 10,000 users.

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