Changes in App Usage Ranking in India in May: WhatsApp beat Youtube, Facebook gained +10M users


Youtube, after having been the top app in Android overall ranking chart for 5 consecutive months, has finally been beaten by WhatsApp in number of May active users. WhatsApp gained around 5 million users more than Youtube and jumped to the top. This brings WhatsApp much closer to exceeding 300 million Android users in India. We will definitely let you know once that happens.

Having said that, the iOS version of the apps is on a totally different level. WhatsApp did beat Youtube in iOS rankings as well but the monthly active users is nowhere near Android’s. Numerically speaking, iOS users are 1/30th of Android’s; making them fewer than 10 million in May. The figure below shows the changes in MAUs in India over that past few months for both Android and iOS.

Facebook which had been thrown out of the top 10 made its way back in May and secured the 9th place in Android chart, 2 ranks higher than April rankings. The app recorded an increase of over 10 million users last month, the highest of any app in the overall top 10 chart. Facebook also jumped two places up and stood 7 last moth in iOS rankings.

Below shows the top 10 apps in May active user ranking chart in India.

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