National Bike Month: Trends and changes in most used apps by bikers


Bicycles, once an important mean of transportation, were taken over by the invention of vehicles. In old times, people who could not afford to buy a car used bicycles as a way of commute. However, nowadays, bicycles have become part of people’s healthy lifestyle in many countries.

Bicycles, being the most environmentally friendly mean of transport, have many scientifically proven health benefits. In the age of Internet of Things (IoT), many companies have been providing bike riders with mobile applications to keep track of their health, cycling activities, and make the whole ride a smooth one. In this article, we will be looking at some figures comparing the mostly used apps (in the US) with the help of App Ape, Japan’s No.1 data analytics and app intelligence platform.

from many apps suggested by bike bloggers and respective websites, three have been selected for analysis:

Strava, besides being a health and fitness tracking application, provides maps and tracking, records activities, and enables user to analyse training statistics. MAPS.ME and Map MY Ride, as the terms suggest, focus mostly on navigation and provide bikers with the ability to map, track, and record their cycling routes. But how these three apps differ in terms of usage?

App Ape’s Compare App tool enables us to make a clear and user-friendly comparison of different indicators. Below shows the Monthly Active User (MAU) graph for all the three apps.

US Android Data

As seen, Strava holds a much stronger user base compared to the other 2 apps indicating a high degree of popularity followed by MAPs.ME and Map My Ride which both have seen a decline in users over the past year and half.

Having said that, Monthly Possession Ratio, an indicator for how loyal users are and how many users who have installed a certain app actually use it, indicates that MAPS.Me, given its smaller number of MAUs, had the highest possession ratio (52%) in April 2019. This means that 52% of those who own MAS.ME use the app on monthly basis. Strava stands second in rank with 36.8%.

US Android Data

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