Indian Mobile Market Trend Report


App Ape started to provide mobile app data of 4 countries namely as India, Indonesia, Germany and Brazil in September 2018 in addition to Japan, USA, and South Korea.

Since after the public availability of the data from those 4 countries, we received an important amount of inquiries from all over the world and we noticed the increase of new registrations in September 2018 came from India, which makes it the country that shows one of the biggest interests.

Bilateral relations are also progressing. In October 2018, Japan’s Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry (METI) and India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology agreed on “Japan-India Digital Partnership” promoting cooperation in various fields such as start-up support, corporate collaboration, securing digital human resources, technical cooperation, and R&D.

(Source: ​29 October 2018 Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry Press Release, Agreement on Japan-India Digital Partnership, Contributing to the further development of economic relations between Japan and India​– in Japanese)

On the other hand, due to vastness and diversity of the country, some parts of the market regarding actual app usage is unknown.

For that reason, Fuller, based on data accumulated in App Ape, recently compiled reports on the size of mobile market in India, the mobile population, and the actual condition of mobile usage of Indian smartphone users (Reference data: Number of Active users (Only Android users) which were estimated by App Ape. Reference duration: 2019 January).

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Population of India and the Gender Ratio of Mobile Population

According to the 2017 “World Population Prospects” survey compiled by United Nations on global population estimate, India with 1.3 billion people represents approximately 17.7% of total world population in 2017 which makes it the world’s second country in terms of population. The “population pyramid” categorizing the population by gender and age is “pot-shaped”, characteristic stage of a country transitioning from developing country to industrialized nation.

[Source: I​ndian Population Pyramid in 1950 and 2017 (World Population Prospects)]

The report also includes the following topics :

Indian mobile usage
Digital finance development
Medical check-up apps usage
TV live-streaming apps usage
Sports apps usage

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