Now you can compare up to 6 apps simultaneously …. For a better user-experience


App App team has now improved the Compare Apps tool for the paid version of the service. It is now possible to compare 6 apps at the same time which is twice as many as before, and this apps comparison can be done transnationally ! App Ape Dashboard (management screen) user-friendliness has also been revised !
In Free version, specified favorite applications number displayed on the top page has doubled as well (from 3 to 6 apps), and it now allows you to monitor indicators of various applications. Make sure to take advantage of these improvements !

Comparing 6 Apps at the same time

How to use “Compare Apps” tool:

① Click on “App Analytics” -> “Compare Apps” on the side navigation menu.
② Choose the apps you would like to compare via the search bar, “Favorite” or “My Apps”.
③ Click on Compare.

In the dashboard, you can compare different data such as MAU or possession number at a glance !

Click on “See More” for deeper insight concerning the compared apps. (The picture below shows MAU data). By hovering on the graph, detailed numerical values will be displayed. Uncheck the box to make disappear the app data you do not want to see.

Transnational App Comparison is also available!

Users who have subscribed to usage data plans from more than one country will have access to transnational app comparison function !
For example, you can compare the usage trends of Instagram in US, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, and Germany at the same time.

The flag of each country is displayed on the bottom right corner of the app icon to make it clearer.

6 Apps displayed in Free Version

In the free version before the update, you could compare data from only 3 apps : Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

However, now, 3 new apps have been added: WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and LINE. It has now become possible to check the numerical data of major SNS. Feel free to keep an eye on it !

More Updates on the way !

After having released this Compare Apps update, we can tell you that currently various other improvements are underway. 🙂

Don’t hesitate to use App Ape for all your business needs !

Those who would like to know the app usage ranking or check the latest mobile trends, feel free to give App Ape’s trial version a try here.

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