App Ape Mobile Market White Paper 2018 – US, Japan and South Korea!


Excited to announce that App Ape team has issued the report named “App Ape Mobile Market White Paper 2018*”(Reference Period: September, 2018) regarding the mobile app market trend and smartphone app usage in 3 countries – US, Japan and Korea.

Today that consumers have started to have discerning eyes towards applications, what is required of an application provider company is to, while understanding the trend of competitors’ products, promptly realize the preference and thought of application users and support the modification and update of the contents of app with company’s utmost power by conforming to those factors. And that becomes the backbone of one of Fuller’s missions.

*Android Data Only(based on App Ape’s data estimates).

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The Number of Frequently Used Applications; 1 in every 3 apps

(Reference: Android Data Only – based on App Ape’s data estimates)
(App Activation Count: Apps which user used at least once a month)

Number of new apps installed, US:approx. 71, Japan: approx. 80, South Korea: 102. However, the actual app (activation) usage ratio** is – US: 36.3% (approx. 26 apps), Japan:31.8% (26 apps), South Korea: 38.0% (39 apps). It was understood that Apps used on daily bases are carefully selected.

**The actual app (activation) usage ratio: apps which user used at least once a month / all apps which users downloaded

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  • Smartphone Usage Rate
  • Monthly Average App Activation Rate
  • Monthly Active User Ratio by App Category
  • Rankings by App Category
  • Gaming App:
     - App Monthly Average Activation Rate
     - MAU Rate by Sub-Category
     - MAU Top 20
  • and more …

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