India, Indonesia, Germany and Brazil mobile usage data still available FOR FREE until 31st October !


India, Indonesia, Germany and Brazil are joining South Korea, Japan and the US in the list of available countries in App Ape service. You can now monitor indicators such as store ranking, usage ranking, installs, app holders, active users or users by age/gender.

Free subscriptions for those 4 new countries will end on 31st October !

The existing users of App Ape can monitor those data without any additional procedure. Those who have not completed the user registration process yet can do it for free at the following link :

App Ape registration page URL :

Support success overseas with app data

The globalization of mobile apps is accelerating year after year, that is why it is important to capture domestic users demand to succeed in a very competitive market in order to integrate it into the marketing strategy.

The mission of App Ape is to help companies and developers to maximize their app business internationally. So far, we have been providing mobile usage data about South Korean, Japanese and US markets as a base material concerning market trends in order to take data driven marketing measures.

In addition to Japan, the US and South Korea, App Ape can now be used as a benchmark and marketing tool for strategy formulation in emerging countries where a future growth can be expected, but also an European mature market such as Germany in order to help you expand your marketing strategy to those markets thanks to newly acquired mobile usage data.

Available data for 4 new countries

Please find below the available indicators for these countries(Each country supports Android and iOS):

  • Store ranking
  • Store information
  • Trend ranking
  • Usage ranking
  • Number of installs
  • Number of holders
  • MAU, WAU, DAU and HAU (Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Hourly active users) numbers
  • Gender and age ratio
  • Number of daily activation
  • Overlapping apps
  • Behavior analysis

※Existing users of App Ape do not need to do any additional procedure

Those who have not completed user registration yet can do it for free. After registration, you can immediately check all the data of the 4 countries !

App Ape official website URL :

Fuller intends to improve data accuracy and user experience in the future thanks to your feedbacks.

What is App Ape ?

App Ape is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that processes mobile apps big data to display them in dashboard (management screen), such as the number of active users per day/week/month, the usage rate by gender and age group or the application ranking (as you can see on the screenshot). App Ape dashboard also supports mobile, to always let users access the data.

App Ape has been proposing plans based on accounts with multiple users for businesses and teams that are involved in the planning, development and marketing of the mobile apps application field.

App Ape official website URL :

Company profile

Company Name : Fuller, Inc
Headquarters : 〒277-0871 Chiba Prefecture, Kashiwa-no-ha City, Wakashiba 178-4 Kashiwa-no-ha Campus 148 Block 2 KOIL
Date of Establishment : 15/11/2011
Business description : Mobile apps analytics service, Mobile apps development support

For any inquiry please contact :

Nobuhiro Sugiyama / TEL +81 (0)4-7197-1699