App Trends Observed Using Real Data from India, Indonesia, Germany, and Brazil


Starting September 20th, Fuller offers smartphone app data for a limited time for markets in India, Indonesia, Germany and Brazil. The data is available via the dashboard of App Ape, a smartphone analytics platform. All the data is viewable, including store rankings, user rankings, installation numbers for each app, users in possession of the app, active users, and users sorted by gender and age group.

What kind of characteristics are found in data from emerging countries? Introducing the publicized data.

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WhatsApp Messenger Has the Largest Number of Users in All 4 Countries

WhatsApp Messenger ranks number one when looking at the top three monthly user rankings (for August 2018) in the four countries that were newly added to App Ape.

WhatsApp has fully taken over the app market in emerging Asian countries.

YouTube, Google, and Google Chrome come in either second and third. YouTube is particularly strong in Asia.

The Heavy User Rate for WhatsApp Messenger is Surprisingly High

The heavy user rate (percentage of users who use the app more than 20 days per month) for WhatsApp Messenger is extremely high, between 48-78%.

The data shows that it has established a prominent position as an indispensable app for users.

What is the Country with the Highest Number of Heavy YouTube Users

The heavy user rate (percentage of users who use the app more than 20 days per month) for YouTube is highest in India.

On the other hand, Germany has many dormant users. Though YouTube is popular around the world, enthusiasm among users varies considerably depending on the country.

Examining Lifestyles in Each Country Using App Data

Smartphones have emerged as an indispensable part of daily life. By unpacking this app usage data, we should be able to observe differences in culture and lifestyles for each country.

In addition, this data will be useful as a guide for each country’s app market when planning to launch apps abroad.

The free offering began September 20th and will be available for a limited time. Those who have not yet registered as users can do so at the site below for immediate free access.

Existing App Ape users can view this information without any additional procedure.

Let’s dive into the world of app data!

App Ape official website URL :