What is the difference between Japan and USA concerning SNS use ? Let’s check social applications MAU US/JP rankings !


How will an application use change according to the country ? In this article, we tried to compare the actual usage of social applications in Japan and in the US according to the MAU (monthly active users) ranking in March 2018.

How does Japan, with a different cultural environment, differ from USA in terms of SNS use ?

The mobile analytics platform App Ape gathered data concerning apps use in the United States. Find more details in the article.

What are the SNS apps in the US and in Japan ?

Japanese ranking is constituted by familiar apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, but there is also Ameba at the 5th rank, an app born in Japan.

Concerning the American one, Facebook is ranked first, followed by Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest. Snapchat and Pinterest are not ranked in Japan.

Facebook’s popularity is still very high in USA

The chart concerning the MAU ratio of the top five applications mentioned in the rankings above is the following :

Facebook, which is said to have decreased the number of users in the US, continues to be the strong leader, far ahead from the 2nd one, Instagram. It positions Facebook as a major marketing tool in the US. Moreover, one of the reason of this popularity can be a weaker resistance for self-expression with real names.

Facebook is ranked “only” 2nd in Japan, because the popularity of Twitter has not declined ! It may be perceived as a very Japanese thing to choose Twitter, which is relatively anonymous, rather than Facebook. According to the white paper from Ministry of Internet Affairs and Communications, 76.5% of people in Japan use Twitter anonymously. (source : http://www.soumu.go.jp/johotsusintokei/whitepaper/ja/h27/html/nc242220.html )

Snapchat grabs the hearts of youngsters in America

A characteristic of the American ranking is the 3rd position of Snapchat, it’s a social networking application that has an increasing popularity in Japan.

We analyzed the differences with other SNS applications :

In traditional apps such as Facebook, posts don’t disappear unless they are deleted, but Snapchat has a countdown starting after opening of a picture, up to 10 seconds, before this one disappears.
It’s a communication tool that let people take photos and videos much more intuitively than text messages. You can send pictures with funny filters and easily express originality.
Facebook uses users real names, but Snapchat is also available anonymously (only a nickname has to be specified). You can also easily avoid things you don’t want to see, in order to avoid SNS fatigue.

In the US, many celebrities use Snapchat to disseminate information, its popularity is rapidly growing, especially among young people who are more sensitive to trends.

When you look at the charts of US users gender ratio, you can see that is overwhelmingly popular among young people.

The popularity of Snapchat is said to have lowered the psychological hurdle for sending a message. A feeling of casualness because pics and videos disappear help people to express themselves freely. A big quantity of information tires both the sender and the receiver… That is why the visual communication makes it more appealing.

Facebook still keeps up with popular emerging SNS

Facebook is said to become slowly less and less popular, but their market share is still overwhelming.

On the other hand, young people who are tired of communication becoming too dense on SNS are more willing to use Snapchat. An increasing number of youngsters are fascinated by the fact to express themselves freely in an intuitive way they also find in Instagram. Moreover, the number of companies using visual communication has increased, and the business use of Snapchat as a marketing tool became a trend.

If you need more detailed data and active users information concerning other apps, feel free to register : https://en.appa.pe/