Fuller’s AR app “Ideyo!! Fukidashi-kun” featured as App of the Day on the App Store. Downloads up 78x!


Recently, app stores have garnered attention for their transformation into media platforms, as they automatically curate and recommend apps.
For example, the Apple App Store added a new “Today” tab in the September 2017 update to iOS11. App store curators called “editors” introduce content such as how to use apps or enjoy games of their choice, in the form of “App of the Day” or “Game of the Day”, making it easier for users to find quality apps. Google Play got in on the action ahead of Apple by launching “Editor’s Choice” from July 2017. Over 80 apps have been introduced with “Editor’s Choice” so far.
So what sort of ripple effect will there actually be on individual apps from turning app stores into media platforms?
If only there was proof! Is there an app out there fortunate enough to prove the ripple effect? Why yes, there is!
The AR (Augmented Reality) app camera app “Ideyo! Fukidashi-kun”, was featured on the App Store media “Today” story “App of the Day”.
So what happens when an app is featured on “App of the Day”?
Let us show you the actual results from actual data.

See the introduction to Fukidashi-kun here!

Our app Fukidashi-kun

Fukidashi-kun is a camera app that uses AR technology to make to make the avatar named “Fukidashi-kun” appear when you aim your camera and take a picture or video. You can add speech bubbles with messages to pictures and video you have taken, then share them on Twitter, Facebook, LINE, Instagram or other social media. (Available social media includes social media apps installed on the device)
You can record the avatar when they want and where they want, then use it to send messages to their friends and the whole world via social media. By customizing the size and t-shirt of the avatar, you can make your own Fukidashi-kun.
You can even change Fukidashi-kun’s pose and the shape of his speech bubble to express how you are feeling through not only the message, but the avatar as well.
To develop this app, Fuller used the development framework “ARKit”, which makes it possible to enjoy the new feature AR on compatible devices with iOS11 installed, such as iPhones and iPads.

Fukidashi-kun was featured on “App of the Day” on the App Store on January 8th.

12x more impressions!

According to app analytics of Fukidashi-kun, it received 560,000 impressions (number of times the app was displayed) when it was featured on “App of the Day” on January 8th, or 12 times as many impressions compared to the day before.

[From App Analytics]

Looking at trends in the number of views of the product page, it recorded 5,511 page views on the day it was featured, or 9.5 times more than the day before.

[From App Analytics]
In fact, this number of views is not the record high after launch.
Immediately after launch, Fukidashi-kun was chosen as a top app on the “Get Started with AR” section of the App Store, and was displayed there for some time. The record high during that time was 8,000 page views on October 22nd.

So, how many of the users who clicked on “Recommended AR Apps” or “App of the Day” actually installed our app?

78x more installs after being featured on “App of the Day”!

Let’s take a look at daily trends in “App Units”, which shows the number of installs from devices with iOS8 or tvOS9 or later installed on them.

[From App Analytics]
The record high while our app was in recommended AR apps was 450 on October 22nd, 2017. Yet, we recorded 3,293 installs on January 8th, when it was featured on App of the Day. That is 78 times higher than the day before.
While the ratio of installs to introduction page views was just 6% on October 22nd, this ratio reached 60% on January 8th. That means the majority of users who viewed the app introduction page installed the app.
Even discounting our support for iPhoneX from the launch until now, we can see this had a huge impact on the app.

Getting featured on App of the Day is a huge chance for developers!

App Analytics only analyzes users who have agreed to share their diagnostic data and use data with developers. Because of this, the numbers appear relatively low. In fact, we can infer that our app gained many more impressions and installs.
Right now we are developing Fukidashi-kun without spending anything on advertising or marketing on the app.
As you can see from the data above, even an app like this can make explosive gains in awareness level and installs by being featured on app store media.
In other words, media on app stores shows that we live in an age when individuals who make quality apps and developers who make indie games have a chance at success, even without a massive advertising budget.
Introducing apps with high quality articles gets users to understand and install your app. Can stores taking the initiative to affect user trends be seen as something positive and work to boost the industry as a whole? We are excited see!