Spotify says Hello to Japan


Translator: Taichi Imanishi
Editor: Issei Watanabe, Bjol R. Frenkenberger

Over the last few years, there have been considerable changes in the music
industry. The most recent one in Japan was when the internationally popular
app Spotify was launched.

In the following article, we are going to analyse the music streaming market in Japan by looking at usage data of Japanese users.

Apple Music, Amazon Music and AWA are going to be in focus.

Music apps in Japan, an overview

Apple Music is run by Apple which owns the popular iTunes Store. Apple
has a whopping 30,000,000 songs, a number fitting the company’s
long lasting success. A monthly subscription costs only 980 Yen and enables
users to enjoy all iTunes songs.



  • From App Store

Amazon Music is the brainchild of Amazon, the e-commerce giant. An annual subscription of Amazon Prime (3900 per annum) gives its users access to over
1,000,000 songs. This subscription also makes it possible to access other
premium services.



  • From App Store

AWA is a Japanese music app run by Cyber Agent and Avex Digital. Using
the app makes it possible to enjoy music without any registration. It also
features a lyrics display function.



  • From App Store


Let’s have a look at the MAU:



  • [Data Source: App Ape Analytics – based on 30,000 android devices].
    MAU (Monthly Active Users): The number of active users who activated the app at least once per month.

Out of the three apps, the one with the largest number of users is AWA. This may be due to the fact that AWA was launched earlier than it’s competitors.
Amazon Music is second in this ranking.

Apple Music‘s MAU did not change dramatically. Presumably, because its
service tends to be attractive to Apple users and less to Android users.

Although AWA continues to be top ranked, Amazon Music has already been
catching up, particularly between August and September. This indicates the
App’s potential of taking the top spot.

Who are the App Users?

The graphs below show the gender and age data of the apps.
There is a significant increase of male users across all apps. What is unusual
about Amazon Music is the low number of teenage users. This might be due
to the fact that subscription payment can only be made by credit card (or au WALLET). This hurdle must have limited the number of teenage users.

AWA has the largest number of female users. The app is widely used
on Android devices, which contributes to a well-balanced mix of user types.

Summary – Amazon Music about to overtake AWA

What’s your impression of the above data? Amazon Music seems poised
to take over the current popularity leader, AWA. While music streaming has
been widely recognised as a new way of purchasing music, each app is doing
something substantially different.

For this article, we used App Ape Analytics.