Touch me, Gudetama!! – A success owing to IP (Intellectual Property) characters!! Even men go crazy!!


Game Apps are being prolifically produced everyday now, but what most
users are unaware of is the fact that the competition is undertaken outside of the users’ sight. Some firms may make use of TV commercials to secure a
certain number of users, but it induces significant cost and it may not help
them obtain enough users for their investment (see 1).

(See1: MAU shot up by 4 times – an examination of the effect of Crash
Fever’s TV commercial)

In order to boost the profits, the use of IP characters is becoming popular as it may eliminate their gambling image. IPs (Intellectual Properties) signify formless objects such as brands’ names, designs, inventions and so on. Firms gain profits by producing game contents and incorporating into IPs and incorporating these into popular titles. As a good example, Bandai Namco epitomizes a business that runs such operations. This time, we are going to examine ‘Touch me, Gudetama!’ produced by Sanrio, who has been successfully increasing
their users by obtaining IPs for the game.

Touch me, Gudetama!



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The English name of the app above is as follows:
Touch me, Gudetama (!gudetama/id939521282?mt=8)

Touch me, Gudetama’ is produced by Gathering, Inc (from now on, it will be
referred to Gathering) and Good Luck Three Inc (from now on, it will be
referred to as Good Luck Three). It recorded over 1,000,000 downloads
in December 2015. It has been six months since, but it is still continuing to
grow its number thanks to the use of character IPs.

Good Luck Three strives to be the No.1 international smartphone company
that designs app characters based in Fukuoka.

The game’s objective is to get over two hundred various and rich Gudetama
, and depending on the cooking items such as frying pans, sauce
pans, recipes, and durations of cooking, you can get different characters. Like
the super chilled out characters, the whole game is hassle free – since all you
need to do to play this game is to pick certain items and leave them for
cooking. What makes it more chilled out is that you can actually gain an item
sometimes by overcooking the dish. Unlike the games such as Nameko Frams
and Cat Hunting, this game lacks the showiness, but you can enjoy playing
it by simply collecting the characters.

User Analysis of ‘Touch me, Gudetama

Sanrio that has produced Gudetama is commonly known for Hello Kitty
and My Melody that are particularly popular among women. We wonder,
however, what kind of users play Gudetama?



  • Data Source: App Ape Analytics (based on 30,000 android devices/Active numbers were estimated by App Ape).
    Gender comparison: During the relevant period of time, gender and age groups are examined.

By looking at the gender statistics, a staggering result is that 42% of the total
appears to be men, which proves that it is even popular for these users. The
age groups show that the users of their 20th both males and females
appear to be significant, while those who are in their teens are as low as
those in their 40th, which correlates the figures of certain games that are
popular due to their use of flashy actions and exquisite graphics. Let’s see



  • Data Source: App Ape Analytics (based on 30,000 android devices/Active numbers were estimated by App Ape).
    Gender comparison: During the relevant period of time, gender and age groups are examined.

MAUs have been increasing significantly, compared to December where they had experienced a staggering 1, 000,000 downloads, there was a slow
increase after a while, but in May and onwards the number suddenly went up

We are not precisely sure why this happened, but presumably it was due to
the fact that they collaborated with the new film released in July New
. It is stimulating to see the relaxed version of such formidable
characters as Godzilla, Kingdolla and Mothlla. Special collaboration
for the celebration of the release of the new film (from Sanrio Official Home

What kind of other apps do the users of Touch me, Gudetama play? Finally,
let’s see this trend.



  • Data Source: App Ape Analytics (based on 30,000 android devices/Active numbers were estimated by App Ape).

Overall they seem to like apps that require a short period of time to play so
that they can play to kill their spare time. As we discussed the gender
comparison, there are few games that are flashy and graphically exquisite.
Instead, they tend to be simple ones.

It is probably worth noting Touch me, Gudetama! Extra Soy Sauce, was
released on 3rd of June, although this is not reported in this list. This game,
like the other version, keeps the similar orientation, and newly features rooms
and hide-and-seek functions. As a result, they recorded 200,000 downloads
after three days of its release.

In Conclusion

Character IPs are beneficial in that firms are not required to build up the
objects from zero and often use contents that are already popular. However,
large scaled games often need TV advertising in order to gain certain

IPs, of course, have downsides. For example, the contents of the game are
not compatible with the characters. There are also cases where the games
become unsuccessful due to mismatching characters added to as original
ones. The use of IPs has been declined lately as such financial risks of
using IPs put off many firms. Despite this, users who download these games
are often lured by their favourite characters moving and talking charmingly
and the fact that they are free. The copyright holders and the developers
like to use IPs as it is generally considered to be a low risk and high
return investment. Having to see all these benefits, you may be surprised to
see one day all the characters in the world appear in games when you wake
up tomorrow morning!

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*This article is translated by Taichi Imanishi.