Is ‘Seven Knights’ (RPG) only popular in Japan? What about in South Korea?


Seven Knights has already recorded about 5,000,000 downloads in Japan,
owing to the success of its TV commercial. Its incredible graphics and
sensational battles to be played within a limited time catch the heart of the
Japanese users. Surprisingly, the game was actually produced by the South
Korean firm – Net Marble. Without doubt, it has been released in its
motherland, but how popular is it over there? In order to answer this
question, we have carried out an examination using App Ape Analytics

About ‘Seven Knights’

Let us remind you what the game is like. Seven Knights is an RPG game in
which users combat in a fantasy world upon a real-time system. The principle of the game is to progress the story.

Also on top of the exquisite graphics, there are enormous monsters and
characters who move dramatically.

Data Analysis in South Korea

Now let’s see some data, which demonstrates how well Seven Knights is doing in South Korea.

Firstly, let us examine the ranking published in South Korea in July 2016.



  • From Google Play

In the RPG games category, it appears to be at the top of the ranking. Even
viewing the overall gaming ranking, it maintained a high position. Also, from
the middle of the month, it improved in the total ranking.

Analysis of the Users based on Gender/Age Ratio
and Active Rate

Next, see the gender/active time data in order to understand the trend of
how different types of users are playing the game.




  • [Data source: App Ape Analytics Ultimate – approximately 30,000 Android devices in Japan and 20,000 in Korea]. Gender & Age Ratio: examining certain activity times against the gender/age groups.
    Hourly Active Rate: specific times in which the devices are switched on during a day. This is the median data that is based separately on weekdays and weekends.

More than 80% of users are male and are mainly in their teens and 20s, which
is different to the result of the Japanese data in which males in their 20s
were the main users: the males in their teens are making a significant
contribution to the data in South Korea.

Also see the hourly active rate, the peak occurs at 10:00 and 19:00. What can
be said from this result is that there are a significant number of student
users who play in the morning and when they are back home.

MAU Comparison Between Japan & South Korea

In order to see clearer differences between Japanese and South Korean data,
let’s see the results of MAUs.



  • [Data source: App Ape Analytics Ultimate – approximately 30,000 Android devices in Japan and 20,000 in Korea].
    MAU (Monthly Active Users): the number of active users against the number of times the app has been opened
    (at least once in a month).

Overall there are more users starting to use the app in South Korea than in
Japan, even at some point it considerably drones, there are not significant
ups and downs. On the other hand, Japan steadily increases MAUs, though
South Korea obtains the figure that is 6 times more significant than this.
Given that South Korea has less population than Japan, there is room for
improvement in Japan.


It can be concluded that Seven Knights seems to be very popular as
Google Play rating gives a 4.1, which is more than the average. You can see
the South Korean data published by Google Play here.

Also there is the season 2 update for the South Korean version of Seven
Knights and some new functions will be added soon. The same improvement
is expected to happen to the Japanese version.

You can view the gender, MAUs, DAUs and time active ratio data on App Ape
Analytics. Also try the free version!

*This article is translated by Taichi Imanishi