What is ASO: App Store Optimization is the new cost effective way to increase app installs



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The team at App Radar focuses on the topic of ASO (App Store
Optimization). Having several years of experience in optimizing app store
performances for various apps, they want to share their knowledge with app developers and app companies.

App Radar not only provides useful tools to optimize your apps, but they also offer a free App Store Optimization Course teaching you the basics of ASO.

In addition, here is an article showing you what App Store Optimization is
about and why it is a cost effective alternative to expensive app advertising.

Crowded App Stores necessitate dynamic App   Marketing Strategies

If you browse through the most popular App Stores, like Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you will notice how stuffed they are.

Android users already can choose between 2.2 million apps in the Google Play Store. At the same time, Apple offers about 2 million available iOS apps in
their App Store.

This makes highlighting your app within an app store a demanding challenge. Especially for new apps it can be hard to stand out amongst all the other
ones offered.

Is advertising the only way to push my app discovery?

Several researches show, that the main factor for app discovery is app store search. Also Apple officially revealed, that over 65 % of app downloads
happen as a result of simple search queries in the App Store.



Looking at the chart above, we can see that 50% of people, who got
motivated by an ad to download an app, actually went to the app store to
search for it.

A well-developed, comprehensive app marketing strategy also demands some investment in advertising.

However, pushing your app through ads only it is no guarantee for success.
Even when your ad motivates users to download your app, it would be fatal if they couldn’t find it by app store search.

Due to the fact, that a majority of app-entrepreneurs still think, paying for
app downloads is the only way to increase installs, we would like to introduce the process of App Store Optimization. Doing it right, it is a cost-effective
way to increase your app installs.

Get to know the power of App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization vs. Search Engine Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of
your app within app stores.

It is often referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is actually
the somewhat different process of boosting your web content within online
search engines (like Google).

ASO, is unique in that it specifically focuses on optimizing search results
within app stores like Google Play Store or (iTunes) App Store.

There are some similarities with SEO, but on the whole ASO requires its own
strategy and approach.

How to perform App Store Optimization?

The goal of ASO is to increase app store traffic for your app and
consequently increase your app install rate.

The most important factor for your download stats is app visibility.
Therefore, by optimizing meta-data on your app page, you try to raise your
apps position in app store search results.

App marketing experts agree that a higher ranking in search results strongly
impact your download numbers as users consider the first few results most
relevant and are more likely motivated to download them.

Which factors influence my apps ranking?

Both, the Google Play Store and Apple App store have some complex ranking algorithms implemented.

These algorithms work similar like those of web search engines and
determine, whether your app is relevant for specific search queries executed by users.

The concrete ranking position thereby relies on several factors relating to
your app. They never officially disclosed the exact factors processed by their algorithm. However, it can be observed, that following factors play a major
role in these algorithms:

Ranking Factors iOS App Store

  • App Meta Data (App Title & Description)
  • App Downloads
  • Keywords
  • Rankings & Recessions
  • Engagement Rate
  • Ranking Factors Google Play

Ranking Factors Google Play

  • App Meta Data (App Title & Description)
  • App Downloads
  • Rankings & Recessions
  • +1 & Backlinks
  • Engagement Rate
  • Let’s talk App Store Optimization

What should I do now?

Try to integrate App Store Optimization into your App Marketing workflow
and regularly experiment with keywords in app title, app description and
keyword field (Apple App Store only).

Also continuously monitor your ranking results for your app in every language and country you are offering it.

Only regular checks will give you an idea, whether your changes were
successful and you are heading into the right direction or not.

Tools like the App Radr Keyword Tracker can help you with this task.

When optimizing for a better ranking, nevertheless, do not forget about your users. Also app store assets like app icon, screenshots and the handle of
reviews is essential for your downloads in the end.

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