Mapping the Popular Game Apps by Calculating Sales x DAUs (June 2016)


Based on Google’s ranking of the top 10 game apps, we examined the data
by calculating DAUs x Sales. This article offers a great insight into the current state of popular apps: it is not to be missed.

The New 2016 Release: Seven Nights Making
Strenuous Efforts, Winning a High Ranking

Firstly, let’s see the top 10 apps according to Google’s ranking dated on 1st
of June 2016.



  • From Google Play

The English names of the top 10 apps above are as follow:
1. Puzzle & Dragons
2. Dragon Quest of the Stars
3. Monster Strike
4. White Cat Project
5. Granblue Fantasy
6. LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum
7. Seven Knights
8. Fate/Grand Order
9. Wiz Quiz RPG Witch and Black Cat
10. The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage

The No.1 app continued to be Puzzle and Dragons, but other apps were
nearing its position. Also a relatively new app that was released in early 2016, Seven Nights, came 7th in the ranking, which was a fascinating result. Seven Nights succeeded in boosting its ranking dramatically after collaborating with Guilty Gear through a campaign activity between 25th May and 9th of June.

Also Dragon Quest of the Stars that came 2nd by beating Monster Strike was also benefited by the campaign for the 30th year-anniversary of Dragon
series. Next, in addition to the sales ranking above, we would like to
further examine the ranking through DAUs. The apps that obtain high DAUs
construe to be popular, those that have high sales records obtained high
ARPU and those that obtain both high DAUs and sales are categorized as
mega apps. Please see the diagram below for more information.



  • ARPU: the amount of sales obtained by per user – short for Average Revenue Per User.
    Data Source: App Ape Analytics.

Let’s now see DAUs x sales mapping results.



  • DAU (Daily Active Users): the number of daily active users and the number of apps being opened at least once a day during the relevant period.
    Data Source: App Ape Analytics.

RPG Type Games Came High in the Ranking

In examining the ranking from high to low, except for LINE Disney Tsum Tsum, the majority of the apps were all RPG games or significantly incorporated
aspects of RPG. Lately it has been normal to see this tendency in the game
app industry considering that most RPG games require continuous playing
and that the players pay extra money to enjoy the games more.

The Rankings of the Mega Apps Have Been

Those that constitute to be mega apps, calculated as DAUs x Sales, are as
follows: Puzzle & Dragons, Monster Strike and White Cat Project. All of which
have been continuing to be popular, keeping their rankings high including this month.

In Terms of DAUs, Disney Tsum Tsum Wins the Top

Following the above mega apps with high DAUs, Disney Tsum Tsum and Fate/Grand Order appear to be in the same range. Disney Tsum Tsum wins the top ranking by far from the other apps. With this in mind, what should be focused on in the future are the real sales figures.

Fate/Grand Order is known for its high ARPU. It is an exemplary app that while it gains active users successfully, it has been increasing its sales figures.

Dragon Quest of the Stars and Grand Blue Fantasy Gain High ARPU

There are two apps that should be highlighted here, Dragon Quest of the
and Grand Blue Fantasy. In terms of their sales figures, they ranked in
the top 5. If they improve the DAUs in the future, they may beat mega apps
such as Puzzle & Dragons and Monster Strike.

Summary – Smartphone Apps are in the Middle of
the RPG Era

How do you feel about our analysis overall? Having observed the higher-
ranking apps, the most of them seemed to be RPG games. Therefore, it can
be said that we are in the middle of the RPG era now. We can also see the
transition of the users’ preferences from the casual games that do not
require much hassle from the users to the ones that require serious skills.
Particularly many of which feature puzzles, but in order to be successful in
future, they may need to incorporate some new features. We have used App Ape Analytics in which you can also see gender ratio reports, MAU, DAU,
active ratio reports and so on. Also try the free version! If you are
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*This article is translated by Taichi Imanishi.