Most Used Apps Before You Go to Sleep


This time we investigated apps that most smartphone users use before going to sleep. First of all, it is necessary to explain how we decided on our method to run this analysis. We have investigated at what time smartphone users usually opened the last app on any given day and checked all the apps they used until five minutes prior to that.
The second indicator we looked at is the so-called night-active-rate. We determined the night-active-rate by calculating the number of active users after 22:00pm divided by the total number of active users per day. Since some people go to sleep rather late, we set the end of the day for 2:00 AM for both time periods.

Alarm Apps Dominate the Time Period

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  • Source:App Ape Analytics – we estimated Android users’ activities based on the data of 30,000 Android devices.

It is not a surprise that people use alarm apps before going to sleep. Jukusui Alarm is ranked No.1 for men and No.5 for women. This app has special features, it can for example check the quality of your sleep and sound an alarm when you are in REM sleep (Rapid eye movement sleep). Since the app has a recording function, many users turn it on just before they go to sleep.

Following Jukusui Alarm, Sukkiri Mezamashi is ranked 2nd in popularity for men and 9th for women. Interestingly enough, the sequel app Sukkiri Mezamashi 2 is ranked 6th for women. What differentiates Sukkiri Mezamashi from usual alarm apps is an alarm function that wakes you up when you do not sleep deeply.

Do You Listen to Music Before Going to Sleep?

Besides the frequent use of alarm apps, Youtube ranked 9th for men, and media players are especially popular with women. WALKMAN™ ranked 3rd for women and ES file explorer, an Android file manager where you can also listen to music you downloaded, ranked 6th for men. Hence, we might be able to conclude that people like to listen to music before going to sleep.

Unexpected Apps

Mogumon was the only gaming app that made this ranking. In this app, you raise a fictional pet, Mogumon, so many people might feed mogumon before they go to sleep. Mogumon ranked 8th for men which is higher than Youtube. The 5th highest ranked app for men, Bosaisokuhou, is a disaster prevention bulletin. Due to the fact that there frequently are earthquakes in Japan, many people own this app.

This might be explained by the fact that according to a Kishocho earthquake data base, there were 6 earthquakes that surpassed magnitude 3 on the Shindo scale (= noticeable. Buildings sway slightly, people get scared) between 22:00pm and 2:00am in January. Since we used the data of January 2016, people might feel the aftershockes and open the app in the moddle of the night. A weather forecast app, Pinpoint Weather, ranked 7th for men.


To sum up the analysis, we found a huge difference between men’s and women’s activities before they go to sleep. Not only do men use alarm apps but also YouTube, gaming apps and weather forecast apps. In contrast, women mostly use only alarm apps and music players before they go to sleep.

This research was conducted based on data found with App Ape Analytics.
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