How Many Gaming Apps Does A Gamer Play in A Month?


We investigated just how many apps are played at least three times each month by a single user on average. Furthermore, we will show you data for each demographic segment.

3.4 Games Played by a Single Gamer on Average

Japanese gamers play 3.4 games each month on average. Now let’s take a look at the data for each demographic segment.

Teenagers Top the Charts in Both Sexes

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  • Source:App Ape Analytics – we estimated Android users’ activities based on the data of 30,000 Android devices.

Teenagers apparently have a tendency to play several games. To be more precise, teenage boys use 5.2 gaming apps on average and are therefore the most important demographic for this market. We suppose that teenagers play games more often since they simply have more free time.

No Generation Gaps, at Least For Women

Although there is a huge gap between generations for men, women across all generations use between 3 and 4 apps on average. Popular apps for women such as LINE: Disney Tsumutsumu and Nekoatsume did not specifically target a young or older audience which might be a reason for this result.

Top 10 Gaming Apps for Men and Women

Now we get to one of the most frequently asked data, the MAU (Monthly Active User) ranking for gaming apps per gender (should you be interested to know the MAU ranking per generation, please contact us).
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  • Source:App Ape Analytics – we estimated Android users’ activities based on the data of 30,000 Android devices.

Monster Strike, Puzzle and Dragons, and LINE: Disney Tsumutsumu are popular over all generations. Especially Monster Strike and Puzzle and Dragons are popular with men and LINE:Disney Tsumutsumu is popular with women. Those apps have continuously been in at the top of the MAU ranking for the last three years. Recently, gaming apps with healing functions such as Necoatsume have also become popular.

Strong Presence of Minecraft for Teenage Boys

One of the most interesting trends in the gaming app ranking for teenage boys is the high popularity of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Since it can also be played as a multiplayer game and offers a wide variety of play styles, each user spends a much longer time on Minecraft than on other games such as puzzle games. To be more precise, the game ranked 20th in 2014, 6th in 2015 and 4th in the current MAU rankings for teenage boys.

Otome Games for Teenage Girls and Ladies in Their 20ies

Although Otome literally means maiden in Japanese, Otome games usually have nothing to do with maidens. An Otome game is a so-called dating simulation game mainly played by women, although versions for men also exist. Tokenranbu and Yumeoukoku to Nemureru 100nin no Oujisama are the highest ranked Otome games in our segments ranking.

Conclusion -How to Become One of Those 3.4 Apps-

By now it should be more than apparent that the key to success is to become one of those 3.4 apps. We strongly recommend that you investigate each market segment by preference carefully and build a sophisticated strategy. To do so, App Ape Analytics can provide you with previously hidden facts about the Japanese and Korean markets. If you are interested in using the analytics tool by yourself, contact us by clicking the link to our website (or by sending us a message at

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